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How to make BioEthanol from algae oil.
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Making Algae Biodiesel at Home

Production of Biodiesel from Algae

buyWith ever increasing prices of commodities and crude oil in the global market, everyone is in search of the change to find ways to cut cost of fuel consumption or have a lower priced fuel in the market today. And scientists have found an excellent source of renewable energy through the simple algae. These tiny single celled planktons are a good source of biofuel. It is abundant in our environment and easy to grow. In fact anyone can grow algae and it could be a means of production of biodiesel from algae at home.
Production of biodiesel from algae at home is a great source to lower your fuel consumption by making it on your own. Algae’s are easy to grow especially if there is a lot of sunlight water and carbon dioxide in the air elements that are needed by algae’s to grow and viola!  You have your own source of biofuel. Production of biodiesel from algae at home is easy simply set up your own bioreactor. A bioreactor is a controlled environment where you can grow algae in a faster phase. Bioreactors keep out contamination of your sources unlike when you grow it in an open pond where it is susceptible for cross contamination or unwanted substances. Production of biodiesel from algae at home from a bioreactor is much easier to manage because it can be set up in tiny spaces and at the same time produce more algae’s than an open pond system of growing.
There are different types of bioreactors, this is tanks, clear plastic bags, glass or plastic tubing’s or tanks. The production of biodiesel from algae at home you simply chose your container and put a small amount of algae to culture. There are thousands of strains algae out there it is advisable to chose which variety produces a higher yield of oil for your needs. Do some researches first before you venture out hunting for this algae strain. Find someone that is doing this already they can help you set up your own biofuel plant. Most of this people will share their experience and knowledge in setting up a home based biofuel fuel production. Just be very careful in processing and refining this biofuel always heed the precautionary measure and you can do well in the production of biodiesel from algae at home. •
Once you are in the production of biodiesel you can now help lessen air pollutants by helping to regulate carbon dioxide in the air. This element a major source for algae to grow and once algae’s have absorb this CO2 in the air they’re by product is oxygen, so a much cleaner environment with the help of this magnificent organism. And now that you are into the production of biodiesel from algae at home this is one of the best ways to lower your dependence on the big oil companies that supply your energy requirements because you are now able to produce it on your own at a much lower cost.

how-to make Biodiesel at Home

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