What is BioFuel?

buyBioFuel is fuel, what contains biological origin. In are the fuel of the widest met biological origin: in etanols (from bread, sugar beets  or corns) petrol and in biodiesel fuels (from rape, soy, palm, algae oil and other butters).

From as BioFuel is prepared?

A few organic raw materials, which BioFuels can utillize in a production, developing new technologies and getting better the use of raw materials, this become more. There is a general property all biological raw materials – in a burning process they distribute energy (various bread products, sugar-canes, corn, wood, barks utt.).

What is first, second and the third BioFuels generation?

  • Biodiesel of the first generation = from by taukvielas containing state of plants/animals products an obtained butter, which is treated with metalonu, obtaining fatyaccids ether. Accessible in a market now.
  • Biodiesel of a second generation = from by taukvielas containing state of plants/animals products an obtained butter, what is hidrogenated or slit alike as in an oil processing process. Biodiesel of this generation is already accessible.
  • Biodiesel of the third generation = fuel, which is pressed/made out from its plant (BTL, Fisher-tropch). It is worked to fuel of this generation ieguves.
  • Biogas of the first  generation - bioetanols = from sugar beets, sugar-canes or grains etanols is made. In a market accessible now.
  • Biobenzins of the second generation - bioetanols = from cellulose etanols is made.

how-to make Biodiesel at Home

Someone is a BioFuels utillize plus?

BioFuel diminishes the CO2 exaust volume. But CO2 reduce, as compared to the fosilo fuel, considerably differs depending on raw materials and production methods.

From sugar-canes in Brazil made will diminish the bioetanols CO2 exaust volume even to 95 percents.

From other raw materials and with other production methods the obtained BioFuel can give of less tīro CO2 reduce (for 5-10 percents less). For example, in Europe on base of wheats made bioetanols can diminish CO2 izmešus for 30 - 50%, and on the base of rape also biodiesel fuels made in Europe can give reduction from 40-50%.

Someone is the BioFuels negative aspects?

A few calls exists in correlation on a BioFuels production and utillize. A few the discussed ētiskie and social aspects are:

  • competition in relation to a food production (agriculture),
  • felling of the rain forests,
  • production kinds,
  • cilvēktiesības and work circumstances.

This circumstances however depend from a production place and utillized raw materials. There are a few examples this, that sastāvdaļu of a biological origin production positive in ietekmē agriculture development and social and economic development, as also increases know for environment questions. The negative aspects jāuztver seriously and systematic jāstrādā, let improve a production and work circumstances. Irreparable there is a more decent collaboration between state establishments and market participants.

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