Manual: How to make BioGasoline.
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How to make BioEthanol from algae oil.
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buyWith the current prices of oil going up in the Middle East, the constant rallying of the environmentalist to save and protect our planet and the constant clamor of people around the world to find ways to have an alternative sources of fuel. To alleviate the every rising cost of fuel in the world market, scientist and inventors are finding ways to provide and develop alternative fuel that can be beneficial for everyone, and one of this through the use of Algae biodiesel.
Why algae? Kerogen is the primary source of petroleum, with the right temperature kerogens can be turned into oily substances under the ground which are now being mined as petroleum. Kerogen is formed from the following matters algae, biodegraded organic compounds, plankton, bacteria, plant material, to name a few. And through this findings scientist has made several studies to replicate the actual process of this elements to produce petroleum in a controlled environment such the diagenesis and catagenesis. It is found that algae grown in CO2 enriched environment can be converted to algae biofuels. This is good news because you eliminate 2 major problems at the same time. In order to produce oil from algae it has to grow on a CO2 enriched environment meaning you can be able to rid of air pollution and at the same time provide algae biofuels to ease the burden of high gasoline cost.
Algae biofuels have the same chemical composition and burning capacity as of fossil fuel. And so far this are the benefits that they are found out in the use of biodiesel. So that it can be a better alternative fuel in the future. The benefits of using algae biofuels are:

  1. Algae biofuelsbiodegradable, it does not pose harm in the environment unlike the commercial diesel oils which emits carbon dioxide in the environment.
  2. It is non-toxic it has no lead content and sulphur and other additives or aromatics that are added on the fuel.
  3. It can be used by any diesel based engine.
  4. Improve lubrication in the engine for smooth engine run.
  5. High octane number. Meaning there is a great burning capacity for better engine torque and performance.
  6. Improved conductivity of the car compared to the commercially produced diesel fuel.

The best advantage of algae biodiesel is that it is a renewable source of energy. Algae abundantly grow in all conditions that are favorable to its synthesis and propagation. Though this technology has its own merits the manufacturer of this technology hasn’t perfected this technology yet. Although the potential are there and the possibilities are right in their hands there are many things that has to be considered in order for algae biodiesel to go mainstream. Like mass production, extraction of water in algae and oil, and all of the engines and parts that are manufactured nowadays are made using the petroleum based fuels. Reverting to biodiesel the neat petrol will however affect the performance of the engine parts. Though biodiesel will make the car run but the capacity of the engine to burn natural gas still remains under research and study. The Department of Energy is constantly doing research to improve the usage of algae as alternative for the ever increasing fuel in the world market. They are up in their toes to perfect this technology for the benefit of all the consumers around the world.

how-to make Biodiesel at Home

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