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Growing Algae for Biodiesel


buyAs the prices of commodities and consumer products continuous to skyrocket, the search for ways to conserve from water, foods and gasoline has been a race to find a better solution to ease the burden of inflation. Among the solution that is now gaining popularity is to find ways to produce alternative fuel. And one viable source of this alternative fuels is algae, since the late 70’s scientist and biologist have studying the potential of algae as an alternative fuel for fossil fuels. Biofuel derived from algae are eco friendly, they do not harm or pose any threat to the environment and because it is from algae it helps clean out carbon dioxide pollutant in the air. Carbon dioxide is a vital element in the propagation of algae biofuels. Scientist and experts agree that the potential of algae as a source for alternative fuel is promising there is still a need to study further and do some research on the mechanical aspect of the technology. This includes the engine performance and burning capacity of the biofuel once it is used as an alternative fuel. On the biological side scientist are continuously testing which strain of algae are a better source of fuel.

With this problem at hand many companies are trying to develop alternative fuel from algae. Big companies are joining in the bandwagon in growing algae for business. Everyone can grow algae if money is not an object. Algae are one of the easiest living organisms to propagate. It can grow to any conceivable environment as long as it is well nourished and has lots of sun and a lot of carbon dioxide an environment favorable to algae’s. there are different methods that can be used to grow algae, the open pond method, where algae are grown in ponds but the down side of this process is that the algae’s can be easily contaminated. The other method is the vertical growing method with use of bioreactors. Algae’s are collected and placed in a clear plastic filled with water, then it will be hanged vertically to be able to collect enough sun light for photosynthesis and then tube are connected to the plastics for carbon dioxide supply of each set of plastic, then there is also a tube for water and recycled water. Another method for growing algae is through a closed tank bioreactor plants. This kind of method is done through a controlled environment to help increase the propagation of algae’s. In this method algae’s grow rapidly so that it can be harvested and processed every day. All this method can be strategically be placed near plants that produces excessive amounts of carbon dioxide so that it can clean away the potential hazards of carbon dioxide in the environment by using it to cultivate algae’s. The only downside of this research is that there hasn’t been any actual test done on an actual car or engine. Right now it is still in the testing stage and research. As of now there are little or no actual data that says what is the output of the car that is run on biofuel from algae. Scientist and biologist agree that this technology needs further studies on the engineering side and the biological side. Whatever the outcome is the possibility of algae as a source of alternative fuel are highly feasible.

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